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Our Vision
Our culture
Our Philosophy:

Vision: the mostrespected GPS positioning enterprise

Continue to listenand meet the needs of users, guide and exceed the needs of users, to win therespect of users; by enhancing the status of enterprise and brand image, sothat employees have a high degree of enterprise honor and pride, win therespect of staff; promote the healthy development of the Internet industry,grow together with the partner, to win the respect of the industry; focus onenterprise responsibility, caring society, contribute to the community, to winthe community respect.

Mission: toimprove the quality of human life through GPS positioning services

Let our productsand services like water and electricity continue to integrate into people'slives, bring convenience and pleasure to people; focus on different regions,different groups, and for different objects to provide differentiated productsand services; create an open win-win platform,with partners to create a healthyInternet environment.

Business philosophy:

all the user value in mind Pay attention to long-term development, not because of commercial interests to hurt the uservalue; care and deeply understand the user need, constantly meet the user needwith excellent products and services ; pay attention to the user's emotionalcommunication, respect the user experience, grow with the user together.